Just by measuring your heart rhythm, you can be part of the world's largest heart health initiative.


There are 2-3 million Afib patients in the US

There is another estimated 1 million patients that are undiagnosed

Afib is the second leading cause of stroke

250K sudden deaths in the US

800-850K hospitalisation annually in the US


The world’s largest heart health initiative

Focus is on using the power of crowdsourcing to gain a million heart measurements

Better understand the characteristics of the participants


The Smartphone App is a simple tool to monitor heart health. Place your finger on the camera lens of your phone while holding still during the measurement.

  1. Keep your hand on a steady surface

  2. Keep you finger still and press gently on the camera lens partly covering the flash

  3. Please do not talk during the measurement

  4. Press the Start Button

  5. The App takes about 10-15 seconds to calibrate before starting the measurement.

  6. 90 second measurement is performed

  7. All data will be aggregated


The app is based on technology called PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) that measures light reflected in the blood.

  • Blood absorbs light and each pulse increases the blood flow in body and finger tips
  • You can therefore keep track of changes in the heart rate by measuring the changes in light absorption
  • The method is similar to the one used in a pulse oximeter and many wearable fitness trackers. In those cases, instead of LED light, infrared is used
  • It is possible to distinguish the difference between a regular heart beat and irregular heart beat. 
  • You can see the Photoplethysmograph below. The up and down peaks represent the changes in the blood flow (light absorption) over time. You can clearly see when pulses occur.


Results will be anonymized, compiled and visualized to show how crowdsourced data can help inform the world on heart health patterns

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